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Monastery Hotel La Sonnerie

Monastery Hotel La Sonnerie, Nieuwstraat 45, Son en Bregel, Netherlands

With Gait Klein Kromhof (harmonica), Janet Cotraccia (vocal), and Ellen Shae (vocal)


Acoustic Night Erkelenz

Acoustic Night Erkelenz, Leonhardkapelle Gasthausstrabe 7, Erkelenz, Germany

With Gait Klen Kromhof (harmonica), Amy Merrill (violin), Kathy Ziegler (piano, vocal), Ellen Shae (Guitar, Vocal), and Janet Cotraccia (Vocal)


Podium Cafe 'Peter and Leni'

Podium Cafe 'Peter and Leni', Damsterweg 20, Steendam, Netherlands

With Kathy Ziegler (piano, vocal), and Janet Cotraccia (Vocal)

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In February, we completed a tour of Europe performing our new songs and old  in the Netherlands and Belgium. Joining us on the tour at various times were Janet Cotraccia (vocal, percussion), Amy Merrill (violin, nickelharpa), Kathy Ziegler (piano, vocal), Ellen Shae (guitar, vocal), Kimberly Claeys (vocal), and Gait Klein Kromhof (harmonica, vocal).

In January, we finished a new album of original music - called "We Still Know How to Love" - recorded in Woodstock, NY, Ithaca, NY, and Ooigem, Belgium. The album was officially released in 2020 and was featured in a February European tour of Belgium and the Netherlands (our 11th time!). 

Produced by Julie Last.

While in Europe, we were very happy to have time to record two videos at Sugarbird Recordings in Belgium.  We are very proud of these videos and love these singers and musicians.  Below is one of these videos, the other can be viewed in the "Video" section::


Our last CD "Unlock the Sky" was released in the US on January 12, 2017. The following singer-songwriters and musicians contribute to this new CD: Jeannie Burns (vocal), Terry Burns (vocal), Kimberly Claeys (vocal), Kirsti Gholson (vocal), Ron Kristy (keyboard, guitar, vocal), Gait Klein Kromhof (harmonica), Julie Last (vocal), and Manuel Quintana (percussion).

Produced by Julie Last.

European press by: Peter Holmstedt at Hemifram

“Tom Mank has spent a number of years developing his own approach to music.  In this song, he seems to have taken the best parts of what he does so well and puts them together.  Tom is cool.  So are the rest of the musicians in this video.” - Frank Gutch, Jr, February, 2018


Photos on this website were taken by Theo Looijmans (Europe (2015 + 2018 + 2019), Monique Nuijten (2018 + 2019), Wies Van Luijtelaar (2018 + 2019), Peter Hooven (2019), Wouter Van Luijtelaar (2108), Marcel Houweling (Europe 2010 and 2011), Michel Verlinden (Europe 2010 - black and white), and Bill Staffeld (2011 New Directions Cello Festival - Ithaca).