Monastery Hotel La Sonnerie

Monastery Hotel La Sonnerie, Nieuwstraat 45, Son en Bregel, Netherlands

With Gait Klein Kromhof (harmonica), Janet Cotraccia (vocal), and Ellen Shae (vocal)

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'Sergeant Oliver' - Blue Room Sessions

Music Video: with guests Amy Merrill (nickelharpa), Julie Last (vocal), Rich Depaolo (guitar, vocal), and Gait Klein Kromhof (harmonica).  Video by Theo Looijmans.

Bannockburn 1314 - De Spot

Music Video: with guests Kimberly Claeys (vocal) and Rich Depaolo (guitar), Video by Jaap Van Visvliet.


Music Video: with guests Jeannie Burns (vocal), Janet Cotraccia (vocal), and Rich Depaolo (guitar).  Video by Ralph Varn, Ithaca Records

'We Still Know How to Love (Verzet)' - De Spot